What we do

The Zoo

We are proud to use the Zoo rules of communication.
By recognizing and understanding the personality traits of individuals and using their parallels in the animal kingdom, we create high energy, fun sessions which will engage and delight!
Cathy is a licensed “Zoo Keeper” and Ross is a regular practioner.
Find out which animal you are and which animals you have in the team’





Unique bespoke training

Tailored specifically to the requirements of your business and your team.
Our success is assured by our commitment and determination to ensure that every training event is:



Adding Value

Forum Theatre

An amusing, lively and interactive method of training groups from 10 to 100 at conferences and seminars. Scenarios specifically tailored to your business enable delegates to participate in creating best practice.

Hot Seating

Provides the group with an opportunity to interview a character in order to explore the character’s viewpoint and reasons for behaviour related to an event or theme.

Conference Theatre

A great way communicate your message to your conference audience. Combining forum theatre, hot seating and scenarios relevant to your business or organisation.

Undercover Characters

Actors are deployed as undercover employees and integrating into the venue or conference. Delegates are thereby immersed in a poor customer service environment and invited to improve it! Works well with The Zoo.